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25 SAR

Etching gel

Cica is an etching agent for the acid-etch-technique which contains 35% phosporic acid. Its blue colour enables a better visual control.


Composan ceram

110 SAR

Composan ceram Glass ceramic micro-hybrid composite

Composan ceram is our packable light-curing micro-hybrid composite for long lasting and perfect fillings of anterior and posterior teeth, the repair of veneers, core build-ups and composite inlays.

Due to its high amount of mini fillers (73 w/w %) Composan ceram offers excellent physical properties (like high colour stability, high translucency, low shrinkage (<2,5 Vol. %) and a low abrasion).

The availability in 8 different VITA shades guarantee an excellent colour adaptation. Furthermore, the material can be polished to a perfect high gloss. Thus, restorations of natural beauty are ensured.

Composan ceram is available in 4 g syringes and in pre-filled caps of 0.25 g for a direct and fast application.



23 SAR

For all preparation techniques with a filing motion


175 SAR

Fiber Post: 

  1. Mini Kit
  2. Refill Set

Aureocem DC

140 SAR

Dural-curing resin-based luting cement


160 SAR

Paste for devitalization of the pulp

The Product (Paste) is arsenic-free and antibacterial paste for pulp devitalization and pulp mummification


MTA Angelus

280 SAR

A super treatment for accidents and endodontic complecations