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Composan LCM flow

Flowable light-curing micro-hybrid composite


Composan LCM flow is our flowable light-curing micro-hybrid composite. It is suitable for fillings of small cavities, extended fissure sealing, approximate cavities, fillings of minimally  invasive restoration, class III to V preparations, repair of veneers etc.


Due to its low viscosity Composan LCM flow provides a good wetting capability and highly aesthetical results due to an excellent adaptation to the tooth substance.

Its long and bendable tip enables a bubble-free and direct application even in areas which are normally difficult to reach.

Therefore, Composan LCM flow is the optimal solution for long living cervical fillings.


INDICATIONS For fillings with minimally invasive preparation technique
  For fillings of small cavities and extended fissure sealing
  For fillings of class III to V including V-shaped defects and cervical caries
  Repair of fillings and veneers
  Luting of translucent prosthetic pieces
  Substitute fillings of cavities with undercuts



ADVANTAGES Direct and economical application
  Extra small, long and bendable application tips: easy access even to smallest cavities
  Thixotropic properties
  Ideal flowability
  Excellent surface wetting
  High flexural strength (113 MPa): optimal elasticity of the material
  High translucency: exceptional adaptation to natural tooth colour
  Perfect colour adaptation (translucency) and colour stability
  Excellent polishability
  High radiopacity


PRESENTATION Art. No. 2678:          3 g syringe, shade A2, application tips
  Art. No. 2679:          3 g syringe, shade A3, application tips
  Art. No. 2680:          3 g syringe, shade A3.5, application tips
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