Aureocem DC

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Dural-curing resin-based luting cement

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Aureocem DC is our dual-curing composite-based luting system which could be used for several materials (metal, composite inlays, ceramic etc.) In combination with its excellent adhesion to dentine, enamel and metal Aureocem DC is ideal for the cementation of metal or non-metal veneers, inlays, onlays, adhesive bridges, pins and posts.

Due to its dual-curing capability the application of Aureocem DC offers flexibility and safety: Light-curing allows instant setting of the cement, self-curing guarantees complete polymerization. Moreover, the very low abrashion rate of  Aureocem DC  permits a permanent seal and its high colour-stability ensures a perfect aesthetic result.

INDICATIONS Luting of non-metal or metal inlays, onlays, veneers, crowns, bridges and adhesive bridges (Maryland bridges)
ADVANTAGES Very high adhesion to dentine, enamel and metals
  Very low film thickness <10 µm
  Good aesthetics
  Very low abrasion
  Permanent seal


Variable working time
  Complete polymerization
  Highly radiopaque


Quick and easy application

Error-free, bubble-free mixing



Art. No. 2685:

SET: 10 g auto-mix syringe shade U, 4 ml dentine primer, 4 ml adhesive, 5 ml Cica, 5 ml Ceramic primer, accessories

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